Off The Map 4 Wheel Drive Club (OTM)

This is the area where we keep all the important forms and documents that the OTM4WD club requires all its members to fill out and agree to.  Please feel free to download and read them.

Download this file (OTM4WD Club By-laws.pdf)OTM4WD Club By-laws.pdf[OTM4WD Club By-Laws]208 Kb
Download this file (OTM Medical Sheet.pdf)OTM Medical Sheet.pdf[OTM4WD Club Medical Sheet]24 Kb
Download this file (OTM4WD Club Membership Application.pdf)OTM4WD Club Membership Application.pdf[OTM4WD Club Membership Application]26 Kb
Download this file (OTM Safety Equipment List.pdf)OTM Safety Equipment List.pdf[OTM4WD Club Safety Equipment List]85 Kb
Download this file (Warn Winch TechGuide_PN62885-A2.pdf)Warn Winch Safety Guide[Warn Winch Safety Guide]1283 Kb