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Thanks for checking out Off The Map 4 Wheel Drive club (OTM) website.  Founded in 2011, we are a family oriented club always on the look out for new members.  We are Atlanta Georgia's newest off road club that enjoys testing the limits of our vehicles. OTM4WD is open to any 4WD vehicle, Jeep, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, etc.. as long as it has a 4Lo transfer case.

The OTM membership has years of off-roading experience and mechanical know how.  Our motto is that we go into the woods together, we come out of the woods together.  You will never be left alone.

At times, OTM may be considered a bit crazy, crude, and socially unacceptable but we can guarantee that if you go off road with us you will learn what your 4 wheel drive vehicle can do and will not be disappointed on the trip. We have vehicles that are mildly built to heavily built and enjoy all kinds and classes of trails. If you have a stock 4WD vehicle, we may not be the club for you.  If you have plans on building it up, then we are the club for you.  We are a group that loves to work on our vehicles and take them too the next level.

OTM4WD only rides on legal trail systems, we do not and will not ride power line trails, and follow the guideline of Tread Lightly.

OTM4WD belongs to the biggest offroad associations in the US Southern Four Wheel Drive Association and United Four Wheel Drive Association

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 Having fun where the pavement ends!

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OTM4WD is a proud member of SFWDA